os x beta

os x beta

During the WWDC Apple Keynote held last week, there were many presentations and updates on features and functions of each operating system of the company, both in IOS 9 as WatchOS 2 and of course OS X El Capitan.

Although OS X 10.11, named El Capitan, has gone a bit unnoticed by many users, the novelties presented for iOS 9  and WatchOS 2, if that had major improvements in the system and functionality. These new enhancements will be available to all users later this year with iOS WatchOS 2 and 9 and that so far only developers have access to test.

But as always, there are different ways in which users can access these functions, so you can take them into Yosemite before upgrading to El Capitan.

Let’s see we need to do to make our computer look like it is running Yosemite El Capitan.

To do this first download the wallpaper of El Capitan, we can download from here. It is quite simple and only takes a few clicks to have him on our team.

Now we have to change the font for which Apple has decided to take into OS X 10.11 and iOS 9. We can download the San Francisco Font typography from here. Installation And we can use the following guide.

Make windows by dividing the screen. You can install BetterSapTool to do this with your computer. BetterSnapTool the can buy and install directly from the Mac App Store following this link, has a cost of $1.99.

Improves Spotlight searches installing Flashlight, this will enrich the searches you perform with Spotlight on your computer. You can get completely free from the official page.



Now finally gets the new features in Safari, as the ability to mute the audio of an eyelash, make smaller one tab, and make video streaming. For this use Beamer,  which makes it possible to transmit any video from anywhere on your Mac, not only from Safari, to our Apple TV. You can get Beamer des their official website:beamer-app.com.


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