Get Siri on iPod touch After Restoring from iPhone 4S


Siri is simplest formally avaialble for the iPhone 4S. And, whereas hackers are seeking to port to Apple's new language assistants to different gadgets. Implausible, however to start with look appears sure. From iDownloadBlog talked about the information of a person who has managed to run Siri on a iPod contact after restoring the software from an iPhone 4S backup in iTunes.



The creator of the embedded video below claims to get Siri on his iPod Touch 4G after restoring from an iPhone 4S backup, not because the iPod Touch can not connect to the server Siri, but the voice recorder to work partially. Apparently the wizard is not fully functional, because when trying to connect to servers on the block they do not recognize it as a smartphone. But when it comes to thedictation tool that works without problem even after making the jailbreak.


Since the iPod Touch is jailbroken, no doubts about the way this "porting" of Siri worked.The most important thing is to warn users that restoring an iOS device from the backup of another iOS device, have some higher risks of bricking the phone or iPod by causing permanent damage.



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