Get Siri to Work on Older Devices Without a Proxy Server


A very simple answer for the usage of Siri by way of Spire tweak  with out the necessity of a proxy server required. AssistantConnect will enable to run Siri on non-4S tool by the use of the Spire tweak with the assist of an iPhone 4S. The latter with AssistantConnect4S enabled to determine a connection to Apple.

You have to have put in the  Spire tweak on your jailbroken device  in order to use this function  as Siri is not compatible.


AssistantConnect4S  : For iPhone 4S, this will allow owners to email Siri authentication files (keys) to people without Siri.


AssisantConnect : For devices with no native Siri. It will allow you to load the data you receive by email but also know the expiry of the key you've gained.

1.Install AssistantConectt4S on the iPhone 4S and AssistantConnect  on older devices device.

2.  Restart your iPhone 4S then open AssistantConnect4S, ask Siri any questions. Once Siri responds, tap the “Email Siri Data” button, and email the data to the iPhone 4, or other non 4S device. Make sure the attachment has a file size (mine reports 0.9kb) to ensure that it’s not empty.

3. Open the email on the non-4S device and click on the attachment. Open it in AssistantConnect.

4. Tap the button that says Open in “AssistantConnect”. AssistantConnect will open to a dialogue that says “File Copied” and “AssistantConnect File Loaded Successfully”. Reboot your device

5. You’ll need to disable a few things with Spire if you are on a non-4S device. Get SBSettings and tap on “more”. Then navigate to “Mobile Substrate Addons” and disable “SpireHooks” and “SpireInjector”.

Note: You must know someone with iPhone 4s that has AssistantConnect4S installed so that you can receive the key Siri email, IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT DO NOT EMAIL SENT TO OVER 5 PEOPLE, APPLE COULD IDENTIFY YOU 


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