EmailECID is a brand new utility on hand on Cydia that lets you shop the ECID of your software with a quite simple means. Along with this, the appliance can be despatched by means of electronic mail. Begin by clicking on the button and it’s over.



Once you have the  (ECID) number, you’ll need to insert it in applications such as Umbrella firmware to download the certificate. Remember that the certificate ECID is an essential file for the downgrade. With it, you can restore your iPhone without ever losing the ability to jailbreak. All users who plan to jailbroken their device should register the certificate with this method, or with any software available on Windows or Mac OS X, or the fastest way, by clicking on the button “Make My Life Easier” on Home Page Cydia. (disabled at present)

EmailECID is available for free on Cydia under the source ModMyi .


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