Now established that the GEVEY SIM Interposer liberate is suitable and works positive on different networks, cellular operators than AT & T within the U.S.
GEVEY is the producer of the SIM Interposer, a mod chip that unlocks the iPhone four forcing the activation of the baseband with the aid of the rating of an emergency.

According GEVEY, their product is capable of releasing the iPhone 4 running up to 4.3 iOS , this includes all the above basebands 01.59.00 (2.10.04/3.10.0 …)
Basically, the SIM Interposer chip EEPROM is powered by a delight to any GSM SIM in a manner similar to the TurboSIM working years ago.
– Turn on the GSM SIM Interposer SIM and insert it into the iPhone 4
– Turn on the iPhone, read and accept the message displayed in the popup window
– Call 112 , number you can call free at any compatible network, from any GSM mobile SIM card with or without
– Hang up the call to 112
– Go to Settings, turn on and off airplane mode to display the message " No SIM card installed "
– Automatically signal indicator bars iPhone 4 will capture the operator's GSM SIM
– The video shows the iPhone 4 in baseband 02.10.04
– This method is not recommended in some countries it may be illegal to 112 dialing
– It works, but it is advisable to wait for a software solution similar to Ultrasnow



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