iPhone 12

Like every year around this time, the downward slope of rumors about the new iPhone has begun, accompanied by a good portion of news about iOS 14 constantly. This time we bring one of the leaks that have been gaining the most force in recent hours.

Detailed photographs of the glass back of the iPhone 12 Pro makes it clear that the device will have at least one LiDAR sensor, although it reveals more details that could end up being discovered in the last days before its official launch. Discover with us this and other news of the iPhone 12 Pro.

It is not the first Apple product with LiDAR, as you already know, the latest version of the iPad Pro also has this technology designed to improve the experience with Augmented Reality and the creation of content. This leak of the rear glass of the iPhone 12 Pro has been shared by Mr. White (@laobaiTD) on Twitter. In the image above, you can see what appear to be two iPhone models, assuming that the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which in this case will have a LiDAR sensor at the bottom (in black), and on the right, it seems that we will have the iPhone 12 Pro in its standard size.

In this case, in addition to the LiDAR sensor, both devices will have three sensors, accompanied by the LED flash that is the upper hole. For its part, we see that one version has LiDAR and the other does not, however, taking into account the materials used, it is clear that we are facing the Pro version since the rear glass of the standard version does not have this coating “mate.” Therefore, Apple will keep all three sensors in the “Pro” model and will add a LiDAR sensor in the “Pro Max” model. There is less left for us to know the final decision.

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