Apple just released the Golden Master (or GM) versions of iOS 10 macOS Sierra,  watchOS 3 and tvOS10. And what are the Golden Master? Well, if all goes well, this will be the final version that Apple will launch the day of release of these versions. And what if you have to correct something? In that case they launch a Golden Master 2, although this is not very common. Therefore, we can be that the Golden Master version is prior to the final definitive versions of an operating system.

As usual, the Golden Master is launched shortly after the Keynote of the iPhone we will shortly. Wednesday, Apple will have a presentation in which we might present the new iPhone.

MacOS Sierra Golden Master


As in iOS 10, macOS Sierra GM we can not see any change. Perhaps some performance improvements and fixed some bug.

New in tvOS 10 GM and GM watchOS 3


History repeats itself again. As in the previous cases, being an almost final version, only it brings improvements in performance and bug fixes.

What will happen when Apple remove the final versions?

tvos-10-homekitThis is one of the questions that we receive and answer our articles betas. As we have said on several occasions, those who are following the betas update to the Golden Master version. This will be the final version, so when Apple releases the final version will not have to do anything, since this will already have installed.

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