We talked in regards to the dramatic enhancements in pace of two.2 Froy Ando, with a purpose to now be four.5 occasions quicker than model 2.1, however the information that reaches us these days shouldn’t be left anything else.


 Google has announced that the new Android operating system will include USB tethering, allowing connection sharing and downloading of Internet data to your computer. What does this mean? Basically, we can turn our phone Andria in a WiFi hotspot.

Some time ago we presented some tricks to convert Ando in a laptop modem. But all the solutions we took (a purely informative level) were “illegal” because of phone is not quite agree with you can have Internet on your computer easily connecting your Android. For this reason, several of these methods stopped working or got complicated.

This time Google has all the infrastructure in place and ready for
us to use as router Ando, free.
But what will make the mobile phone companies? Can override these services? Most likely yes, but we’ll wait and see.

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