Google Android May Be Tracking Phone Users.


The case of the iPhone integrated tracker  made the news. However, as I mentioned in my previous article, Apple is not the only company to do so. and not just the Wall Street Journal has just revealed that Google Android is just as much. Morality, when you we do not want to spy your every move, it might be better to turn off your cell phone …


Note that this is not surprising. Apple or Google, the question is obviously not what you make of your days, that they do not care a lot, but rather to collect information on how your phone connects to the world . Then, these data are of course used for the supply of their application and mobile platform can be integrated with dedicated applications for mapping and so on. Next, you stopped or not in the middle of the woods on Saturday afternoon, it only looks at you.

However, and this is information important enough to be underlined, Google does not apply the same method as our beloved Apple. Where the iPhone (3G and iPad) keeps track of all antennas and all access points detected in the last year, Android appears more selective. What is recorded by the mobile operating system Google, what are the last 50 and GSM antennas and the last 200 WiFi access points. It's still more reasonable, right? Oh, really?You are challenging today …

But the big bonus question, one that is worth all the issues the world is to know what Google's data. And, unfortunately, we can not say that the answer is obvious. On the contrary, nobody seems to really agree on this point. A security expert interviewed by The Guardian claims that Google does not retrieve data its users and a former hacker said exactly the opposite in the Wall Street Journal. Suffice to say that we are not prepared to know exactly what it is.

Obviously, this is not the kind of news but nice to hear before showing fangs I think you take the time to think and do not get carried away too quickly. In fact, when you use services like Latitude or Foursquare, your location is made ​​public anyway. Same thing when you turn the option on Twitter, however, and will be remembered so creepy, this nifty little program that lets you know the entire history of a Twitter user. Here, the only difference, finally, is that our data are collected without our knowledge (although now it is no longer the case) but I'm ultimately not sure if it makes a big difference it …


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