Among the innovations of the last Google I / O Android Wear 2.0 is definitely very interesting. Here are some of the most significant improvements announced during the conference. The ability to use one even smartwatch away from the smartphone, but having connectivity, is something that many users have been asking for. With Android Wear version 2.0 announced during the Google I/O 2016 this will be possible!

The first interesting aspect to analyze is undoubtedly the ability to run full app directly through the smartwatch: united to this new opportunity we will also be able to take advantage of the Wi-Fi or cellular data connectivity possible to use apps that make use of web services, such as Spotify, and even download and interact with the app completely bypassing the use of your smartphone. All this will result above all in new opportunities for iPhone users that use smartwatch with Android Wear on board, but especially in a new and interesting integration between Android and Android Wear smartwatch smartphone that will be able to manage notifications received on smartphone remotely too.


Change and improve interactions with watchfaces who will now carry on the screens of Android Wear smartwatch new complications: you can set and change watchfaces enriching small widget that, once selected, will give access to similar complications to those that we have already learned about with Apple Watch.

The new version of Android Wear also introduces new ways to answer an incoming notifications: you can respond to notifications by writing to the screen the text with their fingers. This text will then be translated into text automatically standards. It will also be possible to use a small swipe predictive keyboard that slowly adapt to your writing style allowing you to enter text quickly. There are also the classic smart reply.


There are many improvements in fitness area complete the renewal of Android Wear 2.0. To utilize the new features of this update will be necessary to have a device with cellular connectivity, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth clearly. At the moment the developer preview of Android Wear 2.0 is compatible with the LG Watch Urbane LTE Second Edition and Huawei Watch. It is not yet certain future compatibility of the final release also with other devices on the market today, however, most likely would almost all compatible considering the very similar hardware specifications among the Android Wear products placed on the market until now.

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