There has already been mentioned about Apple's plans to make use of NFC know-how to make an iPhone a cost. However Google is fairly quicker. They’ve lately introduced cell cost carrier Google Pockets beneath the slogan: "Farewell pockets. The telephone takes over. " Preliminary works Google Wallet only for customers of the U.S. operator Sprint, which have a nexus S.



The expectation now is that the iPhone will soon follow, in the form of an app with possibly a separate sticker. Google announced the new payment service to a press conference at the Google office in New York.

It is difficult to earn money. Google Wallet is a mobile payment system that Google still deeper into our daily activities can nestle. Google Wallet runs as a native application on your mobile device, the Nexus standard S already has an NFC chip. In addition, there is Google Sacrifices, a variant of Groupon where you get discounts and offers that you can redeem your mobile phone.Will you an offer on a website against and then you can with one click send to your Google Wallet. There are also listings you with your camera phone to take photographs, such as posters and advertisements in magazines.

If you want to pay you move your device through a wireless payment terminal. The transaction is processed within a few seconds and immediately paid to your bank. Your balance reduces immediately. Also offers and earning points is thus governed by your device through a terminal here. According to Google, we will soon be boarding passes, tickets, keys and ID's in store about Google Wallet. Some of those features are already there: if you credit card details, number of loyalty cards, gift cards and calendar entries in your wallet. All sales slip neatly past, because now you get e-coupons. If you and your purchase back to the shop is the question: "Do you have a receipt?" Now redundant: it just sits in your phone.

Besides a Nexus S Sprint 4G and a subscription, you also need a Citi MasterCard. Shops offer MasterCard PayPass terminals required. later the service will be expanded with more partners, the moment you include in Subway sandwich chain and department store Macy's correct. Have not the correct credit card, you can Google a prepaid credit card purchase a credit in advance where you can deposit.

Currently there is only one Android app protected with a PIN. It was during the press conference not to mention other platforms. There is currently an ongoing field test and then the service will be officially available to the ordinary user.

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