Google: Apple leads hostile action against Android


Vice President David Drummond of Google may also be an official Google blog post, worried about the patent policy that Apple, Microsoft, Oracle and others run for Google's mobile phone Android 's life miserable. "The success of our operating system puts the companies to a hostile, organized campaign against Android and run them through fake patents. "

The blog post explains why the first Drummond companies targeted could have on Google:

Microsoft and Apple were at each other always in the hair, so as to join hands, you know that something is wrong: Android goes like hot cakes. Every day, more than 550,000 Android-enabled devices through a network of 39 manufacturers and 231 telecommunications carriers. Android and other platforms compete hard against each other and that makes for cool new sets and amazing new apps.

They try to catch us on false patent. When buying old Novell patents they worked so Google was not owned patents, then they would save $ 15 off any Android license. In this way more expensive for manufacturers to continue being free to use Android as operating system and Windows Phone in the saddle helped. In addition, Apple complains include manufacturers like HTC, Motorola and Samsung to. Patents were created to protect innovation, but today they are only used as a weapon to stop innovation.

Google-david-drummond Next Drummond, the number of patent claims that a modern smartphone to do is get as high as 250,000 units. They are often highly questionable, according to the CEO and be abused for pure Android phones more expensive for consumers. Perhaps while he refers to two patents for which Apple HTC has dragged to court. These are rather general descriptions. The patents that are at stake, are 5,946,647 ("a system and method for performing an action on a structure in computer-generated data") and 6,343,263 ("real-time signal processing system for
serially Data Transmitter" ).

We look closely at ways to prevent competitors such as Apple's Android scrag. One way is to expand our patent portfolio. If we do not act now, buyers have fewer choices for their next phone.

Engadget reports that two Microsoft employees disprove the story of Google via tweets. They argue that they have contacted Google to bid on the patents that are now in their disadvantage.


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