In November, Google has released an update to its elegant “Calendar” on the platform Android, promised that a similar solution will appear for iOS. Although, in this case a completely new product that not only has the original design in the style of Material (Ideology of Design in Android 5), but also greatly enhanced functionality through integration with “Google+ Photos” and “map”. It seems that very soon all of these chips really get to iOS.


In particular, TNW published screenshots of the current state of the iOS-version of the new application «Google Calendar” and, according to him, it is almost ready for release.

Why ” Google Calendar” on iOS, when there is your own? The question is rhetorical. Someone lacking basic application functionality, while others actively use the services Google, but at the same time gives preference iPhone. And that really must be confessed, a new application from the Internet giant is really gorgeous. To understand how – take a look at the video below:

The exact release date of the new “Calendar Google» for iOS is not yet known. [The NextWeb]

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