Google Chrome for iOS appeared yesterday in the App Store, but we certainly did not yet know whether the speed of the browser would be constrained by the mandatory use of Apple’s browser window UIWebView.Meanwhile, Google has to know that this is indeed the case: obligations to the browser uses Apple’s browser engine fixed. Because they can not use Safari’s faster JavaScript engine Nitro, Chrome will pages load slower than average in Safari.


All iOS browsers external developers must use UIWebView. Google is here not just in: Even browsers like Dolphin contain the engine. Google had the following to know AllThingsD :

The browser uses UIWebView to render iOS and like Javascript engine. Chrome for iOS not used the Chrome V8 JS engine.

Web pages will load slower on average result in Chrome than Safari. Internet Speed ​​is not the only browser that offers: for example, Chrome for iOS also syncing with the same browser for Windows and Mac, so for example your browsing history and bookmarks on both devices to be accessed.

Buzz Feed liked Chrome and Safari for iOS a benchmark showing that pages in Chrome is indeed a lot slower loading. Safari, according to the tests about four times faster. When the test was purely looking at loading Javascript. In practice, the difference will therefore be less severe: there is indeed more to load a web page.

Download: Google Chrome (free)


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