google-now-for-iosGoogle has recently added Google Now feature on Google Search app. But soon there were complaints from users that the battery much faster is empty . The app is because in order to function. Location data Google has now indicated in an official response to reports of a rapidly dying battery “incorrect” are. A spokesman indicates in a comment :

We understand the concerns of people as they actively see the icon for location services if they use Google Now. Many apps that show the icon indeed pull the battery because they need to know very precisely the location. Now Google is built differently: it uses cell towers and Wi-Fi hotspots so the impact on the battery is much lower. Now we have Google for iOS months tested and have no significant impact on the battery.

Google lets you know that you can take if you still have problems with your battery. Should consult Disabling location data and other measures is not necessary according to Google. In the app you will find a button that you can send feedback.

Download: Google Search (free, common, iOS 5.zero +)

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