Google discontinues its Explorer program for Google Glass, and it stops the production of its smart glasses, reports the BBC. Does emphasize the Internet giant that it continues to work on a “smart” glasses for the consumer market.

It is starting next week no longer possible to order via the Google Glass Explorer program,  writes the BBC.The Explorer program was set up to software developers to test an early version of the smart glasses. The first versions were in 2013 for $ 1500, or 1290 euros sold. The glasses will no longer be produced. In addition to the cessation of the Explorer program, the Glass project also detached from the Google X division. The development team now falls within Nest.

According to Google, although decided to shut down the program, but the company says to continue working on a smart glasses for the consumer market. When it should be ready for the market, Google will not say. The current Google Glass would have brought the Internet giant in his own words valuable information in order to develop a better product.

Screen-Shot-2015-01-16-at-2.15.28-amGoogle Glass was announced with great drums by Google in 2013. The development of the smart glasses and the necessary software ran smoothly. Also, many questions were put to issues of privacy and security.

Google itself says  that its program is entering a new phase. According to Google, the project will now own team to bring the glasses farther “from concept to reality.” The team is headed by Tony Fadell, the CEO of Nest. Fadell was previously senior vice president of the iPod division at Apple.


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