International Safe Internet Day promotes responsible and safe new technologies mainly among children and young people who still do not have very clear the issue of privacy and rights usage. A while now Internet has become almost the only means of communication between millions of people every day problems related to the security of our data, either in the form of malware, attacks on servers … and increasingly appear are more devices have internet access.

ap_resizeTo celebrate this trust, Google has wanted to join the festivities and are giving away 2GB of storage on Google Drive just doing a security check of our data. This check is intended to ensure the account Google users against possible unwanted and only take us a few minutes access. In addition gives 2 GB of free storage, no much, but certainly needed.

google_security_checkTo access this check, make sure to go to Google’s security checkup page to get your free drive storage. Then we will ask for your username and password to verify that we are the rightful owners. In the next step our phone number and email in case we need to recover Gmail account will be displayed.

In the next step, you find all the devices that we connect to Google services, we will find the smartphones and tablets in addition to the computers used to access use it. In the next step, all the applications you have authorized to ourselves as managers and email services used to access services will be shown. Once this last step, we will have completed and throughout the day, you will receive the 2 GB of free storage.

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