Google Drive vs. iCloud vs. Skydrive vs. Dropbox storage comparability


With the release of Google Drive, online storage services are becoming more common and essential in our everyday lives, allowing us to find our files on any device connected to the network.

Engadget pointed out a very interesting comparative table, which makes comparison Drive, Dropbox and SkyDrive icloud , leaving out some games not boast of a client PC as it is only available via web browser


Following Google final release of its cloud store after a series of betas, Microsoft released the SkyDrive sync. Let’s look at how is the new google service is standing up against other online storage services.


we can now say that DropBox is definitely the most used and popular service among the four, only recently SkyDrive is really taking off while icloud is limited to users in Apple but by its unbeatable backup service and management on multiple devices of various stored data. And soon we will also try Google Drive. In short, the challenge is on!



Dropbox is known for its ease of use and functionality. It offers 2GB of free storage space for storing files and runs on all major platforms, desktop and mobile Windows, OS X, Linux, iPhone OS, Android and BlackBerry. Great are the recovery capabilities of a file on any device connected to a network, but also those regarding changes to a document that is saved on different devices simultaneously.

Companies can then use Dropbox Teams, useful for sharing business documents, which offers 1.000GB of memory or more a month paying a tot.



SkyDrive is taking place only in the last week (only since yesterday, for example, is available for Mac clients ) and compared to BropBox offers more free space: we are in fact in 7GB (25GB for users of old). The service can be used on Windows, OS X, iPhone OS and Windows Phone, and you can view and copy all the files on your PC from anywhere in the world where Internet connection is available.

But if you need more storage space than 7GB offered for free, the prices are cheaper than DropBox. For example, 100GB of storage for Microsoft asks $ 50 a year, while DropBox requires $199.



Remember that the icloud service is perfect for those Apple user and has at least two devices of Cupertino. The service allows you to perform an online backup of IOS devices, on all devices to have pictures taken either from the iPhone and iPad, you have automatic synchronization, always on all devices, documents, files, calendar, contacts and much more , including the music (in the U.S. only for now). The service offers 5GB of free storage, with the ability to carry up to 55GB by paying $ 100 a year. Fortunately many files that insert in icloud, such as pictures, are not counted in the occupation of the available space. icloud offers an email address like “@” and use Find My iPhone to retrieve lost or stolen. We say that icloud is a must use if you are Apple users, and perhaps to accompany one of the services already mentioned before, since the App Store there is the app for&#
0160;Dropbox for SkyDrive .

Google Drive


This service has not yet been officially launched, but things could change in the coming days. According to the latest information, Google Drive should offer 5GB of free space and should fully integrase Google ecosystem services. Drive will be ideal for Android users who have similar services to icloud iPhone, such as synchronization and online backup.



In the end, then, must choose which service? SkyDrive from Microsoft is the most promising and impressive, with a price hard to beat and a host of features that exceed even those of DropBox. Missing, however, a client a client for Android and BlackBerry.Apple users can easily opt for SkyDrive, unless they possess a smartphone running Google or RIM, to logically combine to icloud, indispensable service for owners of iPhone, iPad or Mac




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