Google Event December 7: Chrome OS, Web Store and Netbook Chrome (keyboard photos)


"On 7 December, we invite you to sign up for us for an experience in San Francisco, the place we plan to share some attention-grabbing information about Chrome" that’s the message contained within the invitation that the Chrome crew is sending to the media and builders.
The experience held in San Francisco at 10:30 AM PST and guarantees to ship the newest details about the ecosystem Chrome, however we consider that no longer most effective are information at the present time and has been circulating knowledge from dependable sources that we will be able to point out

Google Event December 7: Chrome OS, Web Store and Netbook Chrome

Chrome OS Looking on Tuesday December 7 finally made the expected launch of Chrome OS, the operating system based on the cloud, but does not mean that we can see a final version.
Various sources indicate that Google will make a presentation on the progress made so the actual landmark, possibly one of the final betas. And besides, you can download so that everyone can use
Chrome OS is a Linux-based operating system designed to work with web applications.

Chrome Web Apps StoreThe web application store will launch
for the version 9 of Chrome, currently version available to developers, which is why most users will have to wait until the arrival of version 9 to use store apps mentioned.
In fact, developers are getting notices that Chrome Web Apps Store is about to be released and several sources confirm that Google will announce on December 7

Google's brand NetbookIs also saying that Google is planning to make a netbook lapresentación a noncommercial prototype based on all OS Chrome specs
The netbook will target Google workers, family and friends. Taiwan's Inventec has built only 65 000 units
Netbook's hardware, is known to use an atomic process and according to recent leaks… the Netbook's keyboard is as follows.


The picture shows that the key Caps Lock has been replaced by Search, Shift has an LED that indicates when the case is activated, at the top of the keyboard there are new keys to replace the traditional F1, F2, … F12.


In fact, just filter a picture of Acer netbook OS developed for Chrome, the model ZGA. The image shows the same keyboard in the image above.

PS: do not forget that December 7 is also scheduled presentation at the conference Andy Rubin D: Dive Into Mobile.

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