The Google Glass are not available yet, but that does not mean they have died, Eric Schmidt said in an interview published Monday by the Wall Street Journal.

The CEO of the tech giant says reports that predict the end of the glasses have been exaggerated, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Google Glass is “a great and fundamental platform for Google,” said Schmidt, who also said the controversial decision to stop selling the first edition was available to developers has one goal: “them ready for users”.

Schmidt is no doubt referring to the announcement in January when Google stopped placing explorers version of Google Glass, nearly a year and a half after it started its sale, which was aimed at those interested in the platform could be tested acquiring them for $1,500.

There are few spectacles detractors released in 2012 or reviewers that they were ahead of their time. However, some reports indicate that there is fear and pressure from some industries, such as film, which could be affected by customers who decide to burn the movies to go to the movies.

This privacy issues that Google could bring technology and yet seem to stop the company, which revives with these statements Schmidt a product that already has more than three years of development are added.

In January, after the announcement of the end of “Explorers” program, the company decided to open a new division for this project, which until now had developed in the laboratory Google [x]. To do so named Tony Fadell, former head of Nest, as head of the new office, which is responsible for keeping this ingenious product from Google to the next level.

Other reports indicate that Google glasses could arrive in 2015, although the company executive did not disclose further details of the program.

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