Google Gmail Accounts Hacked From China


Hundredsof gmail bills were hacked from Asia. The information was once introduced within the google respectable weblog.  This appears to have began hacking Jinan, a metropolis in japanese China, and has affected a whole bunch of Gmail money owed, together with these of U.S. executive officers, journalists, Chinese language dissidents, in addition to armed forces leaders and different officers a number of Asian nations, together with South Korea.

"We not too long ago revealed a marketing campaign to gather passwords, most likely during the phishing + +, stated an respectable of Google, Eric Grosse, in a message broadcast on the web. This appears to have began hacking in Jinan, a metropolis in japanese China" 


Phishing is to lie to Web customers to steer them to divulge personal information.

The target of this maneuver appears to were to watch the content material of these customers' bills, talked about in Google official blog .

This piracy has affected hundreds of Gmail accounts, including those of U.S. government officials, journalists, Chinese dissidents and military officials and other leaders of several Asian countries, including South Korea, according to Mr. Big.

We look to reports and seek to gather the facts, an officer responded to the White House on condition of anonymity. We have no reason to believe that email account official U.S. government has been hijacked, "he told AFP.

is headquartered in California (West), said its computer systems and servers were not hacked.

Google recommended the following:

  • Use two-factor authentication;
  • Choose a strong password;
  • Watch for suspicious activity warnings in your Gmail account;
  • Check your settings for odd forwarding.

Google has identified this campaign and has put an end. "We informed the victims and protect their accounts". We have also informed the relevant government authorities.

It was not possible at present to make a link between this attack and that suffered by Google last year, which also came from China. 

Google last year had a long confrontation with the Chinese government. Having said exasperated by the censorship in China and cyber attacks coming from that country, the group decided in March not to censor its Chinese site and transfer to Hong Kong.

China was then denied responsibility for cyber attacks against the group in California, calling the accusations groundless cons of Beijing.

Google announced in July that Beijing had renewed his license, which expired in late Jun
e, allowing it to continue operating the largest internet market in the world.

China, which has about 457 million Internet users, has established a Great Wall Computer (Great Firewall) that censorship on the Net sensitive issues like human rights and criticism of the communist regime, and block Facebook , Twitter, YouTube or Dailymotion.

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