Google has become the mark in the search results websites operating on Flash, which is unsupported in most recent mobile devices, stated in the company’s official blog.

“Often, users are faced with the fact that the sites on the Internet using technology that are incompatible with their devices. Visiting such these pages, they do not see anything but a blank screen, or can not use part of the contents of the site. Starting today, we will identify these Web resources using a special algorithm and mark them when searching on mobile devices, “- says Google.

Adobe Flash technology is not supported on smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android versions 4.1 and above. On such devices, Web-based resources on the “Flash” will be accompanied by the inscription “Uses Flash. May not work on your device “.

As predicted, Steve Jobs, Adobe dropped support for Flash technology for mobile devices in favor of the standard HTML5. In 2012 the company officially announced that it would stop developing Flash-player for smartphone browsers. This decision was influenced by several factors: the growing popularity of HTML 5, the fragmentation of Android hardware and, of course, the position of Apple, which first refused Flash technology in the Safari browser on the iPhone and iPad.

Along with the announcement of Google innovations proposed a number of tools that help web developers to adapt their websites for viewing on mobile devices.

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