Google has a Nexus 5 with fingerprint sensor



The history of fingerprint sensors seems very clear on the Android platform, there are many manufacturers who dared to implement it on their own, but now Google is the one who wants to leave everything well tied and supported from Android M.
To our knowledge, there came to be a Nexus 6 in which Motorola and Google put the fingerprint sensor, the reasons why the market did not not know, but we know that will be a specification in the near Nexus.

As this occurs, it is logical that there is a reference terminal to work with and take advantage of the tools associated with the sensor. A phone sensor development? A version of Nexus 5? Something we see in one of the videos that accompany the sessions of Google I/O 2015.

Another issue is that terminal there for sale, or simply has been developed internally for the development of the main group of Android. What we know is that the Nexus 5 as such and can not be bought – by Google – so curious to see him at least a fingerprint sensor to the back.

Video both use the fingerprint sensor, such as payments through Pay is Android. I do not like too much the situation of the sensor, that it seems to be built as an addition, but it is 100% necessary if Google wants people will exploit the new features of Android M. All this reminds us that a new Nexus must be near and necessary.

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