Google home

Google home

Ever since Amazon launched Echo, an intelligent device that can interact to order, check calendar, play music … there are many manufacturers who are committed to launch a similar system. According to some rumors, and Apple takes a while working on a similar device that logically work with Siri, but for now do not have much information. Of that if we have more information is Google Home, a device that Google presented at the last conference for developers in May, a device that officially launched on Oct. 4 with the new range of smartphones Pixel, manufactured by HTC .

According to a new report by Android Police., this device to be managed by Google Now, the assistant Google, hit the market at a price of $129,  and that is $50 cheaper than the Amazon Echo, managed by Alexa, assistant giant Internet sales. Google Home will allow us to search the Internet, add tasks, play music, search for information about movies, products, series, objects … all previously Ok Google pronouncing the command.

Google Home also be able to synchronize with home automation devices that allow us to give a weather station we have on the terrace of our house, traffic reports, control the temperature of our home through the Nest thermostats, raising and lowering drapes. Within the assistant Google, Google Assistant to find the new Google personal assistant, who debuted with Allo application and learn as we go interacting with it.

Google Home really offers nothing new that currently can not be longer perform with Amazon Echo as the Amazon device is also compatible with home devices to control our home. On October 4 we will leave doubts and know if Google Home offers some interesting feature that can make it become an indispensable element in our home.

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