new-pixel-smartphones-a-new-4k-ultra-hdGoogle introduces and provides details on two new connected home-oriented products: Google Wifi and Google Home, Chromecast Ultra device streaming media that turns any TV with an HDMI connection intelligent. The main novelty is compatibility with 4K definition, a function that will affect our portfolio. While previous models went on sale for less than $40, named Ultra will also ultra will cost $69.. This is the vision of home they have in Mountain View.

During the same event where the Pixel and Pixel XL were presented, Google has provided new details related to technology and home products. More specifically, the Mountain View company has provided more details about Google Home (the virtual assistant presented during the last Google I/O) and Google Wifi, a new router that stands out for its ease of use and great proximity to all products around you.


Like previous models, the Ultra Chromecasts reproduces content streaming from your mobile and allows you to install on your television applications like Netflix and YouTube. The device supports, in addition to Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac and Chromebooks.  The streaming content in 4K can cause problems as our internet connection, due to the larger size of the files in ultra HD. Chromecast Ultra has an integrated cable to connect the ‘router’ and avoid headaches with wireless Ethernet adapter.


[h2]Google wireless router is the future, according to Google[/h2]

Following the introduction of OnHub just a year ago, the US company introduced Google Wifi, a new router that represents Google’s vision of the connected home. This new router highlighted by three main characteristics: intelligence, efficiency and simplicity.

Google WiFi router will cover large areas by interconnecting multiple routers of the same model. The technology is known as “mesh Wi-Fi” and makes the user can move along the entire surface without seeing its Wi-Fi altered. Different routers distributed along the surface intelligently managed traffic and provide connection to each of the devices based on the needs and the proximity thereto. The result is a Wi-Fi fast regardless of proximity we have with the main router.

google-homeThis new router also comes with “Network Assist” a system that works invisibly and automatically adjusts all settings of the router itself. Also, Google Wifi comes with a companion application that lets you adjust all parameters in a very simple way. IPs introducing ended in the internet browser and surf own menus of Windows 95.

In order to make a smart house, Google has also provided more details about Google Home, assistant to the company unveiled significantly during the Google I / O 2016. This new device will allow interact with all Google services and all intelligent devices connected to the Wi-Fi network home. All this, simply using voice.

google-home-2From the aesthetic point of view, Google has tried to make this new product as invisible as possible. No buttons, no moving parts and odd geometric shapes. The Google Home goes unnoticed in most homes, and that’s a good sign. However, if the user wants to give a different touch, it will feature several grids colors give this product a more visual and attractive touch. Google Home will cost $129 and and Chromecast Ultra will be available on November 4th.. This update has a resolution four times higher than 1080p, so users with TVs in ultra HD can take advantage of 4k contents. The device adapts the resolution to the maximum allowed by our screen, without having to configure anything.

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