Google Home Hub Officially Introduced


A couple of years ago, Google smart speaker was introduced to the market with Google Home, later launch a smaller model called Home mini. Alongside with the Pixel 3 and 3 XL presentation, the company presented the Google Home HUB. The new Home Hub features a 7-inch screen similar to Amazon Echo Show Amazon launched to the market over a year ago.

The new Home Hub keeps the lines of the entire Google Home range, looking for minimalism and modernity in equal parts to not clash in any room with almost any type of decoration. Their materials repeat, with plastic and fabric as main protagonists.

In fact, it is a tablet to a base with a speaker attached, where the front is always white to highlight its 7-inch screen with an interface adapted from Android Things, a basic operating system with limited capabilities.

Obviously also allows you to play videos or control smart devices, and adds to all the possibilities of Google Home, which are not few as you will see, the interaction with a screen that will display the information requested at a glance, as well as music or video apps that we are executing.

An integrated multimedia center for your home, also smart
that Google Home has won a screen is no coincidence, since Alexa and Amazon already had a device similar to this one. The digital home is a juicy and still untapped market, so Google has sought to compete in this range of multimedia centers that promise to allow us to perform the most common tasks in hands-free mode.

Home Hub will not only allow you to interact with the Google assistant just like any other Google Home device, but you can also read the news directly, see your shopping list or consult your agenda in a simple and fast way simply by asking for it to your smart screen

Price and availability of the Google Home Hub

The price of the Google Home Hub is $149 and offers us 6 months of subscription to YouTube Premium streaming video service from Google and will be available on October 22

At the moment, we do not know if it will be available in countries where, relatively recently, Google Home and Google Home mini are already available.

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