Google produced 200 prototypes smartphone codenamed Project Tango. The device is equipped with special sensors , scanning the surrounding area . Using data obtained from them , processors and software on the Unity engine in a smartphone form 3D- model of the room in which the user is located .

At the request of Google, gadget , ” for which the world ends outside the screen ” must belong to the past . Despite the fact that modern devices have long been chosen for these limits , the company says that a simple walk through the Internet , searching for information or receive the GPS data is not enough: smartphones and tablets still remain “blind” because they do not understand what is happening around them.

As part of Project Tango should be developed technology terrain orientation and evaluation environment. Smartphone will be able to tell its owner , what is the real size of his apartment , which is the right product at the store, will provide an immersive video games and so on. 3D in this case refers to the possibility of creating a three-dimensional model of the environment in combination with other orientation.

Sensor information is treated two specialized processor Myriad 1. Google has released for their company Movidius. Feature processors – extremely low in comparison with similar products , energy consumption .

It is known that the smartphone is equipped with a 5 -inch screen and the “regular” camera with a resolution of four megapixels. He is running an operating system Android. Other characteristics of Google does not. March 14 200 copies of the programs experienced editors for 3D- smartphone will be sent to the developers. To get the device , the developer must submit a description of the Google program , which he plans to create for him .

Smartphone Group develops advanced technologies and projects (ATAP) Google, led by the former director of DARPA Regina Dugan . Another well-known is the brainchild of ATAP “modular smartphone”Project Ara.

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