Google introduced a tablet with 3D-scanner [VIDEO]


Tango-Tablet-1Google unveiled Project Tango Tablet Development Kit, which is in fact a platform for developers. Project Tango is based on the  NVIDIA Tegra K1processor. The system continuously scans the space and “understand” human movement. This lets you to create applications that combine real and virtual object .

Project Tango became known in February this year. Then Google introduced a similar 5-inch smartphone devices with computer vision. More specifically, the mobile gadgets have with an ordinary camera and camera operating in the infrared backlit. It is possible to determine the depth of the scene and create a three-dimensional image in real time. Project Tango tablet will cost $1024 each.

Development kit includes an impressive powerful 7-inch device with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, NVIDIA Tegra K1 chip, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB hard drive, an integrated system for tracking the trajectories and depth movements of objects and people, support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE and 4G LTE. Work is based on Android KitKat.


Set Project Tango Tablet Development Kit is intended for professional developers who are interested in exploring the theme 3D-scanning space. Kit is not focused on the common users and will be available in limited quantities.

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