Google Introduced Fiber Phone Home Service


Google Fiber Phone Service

The Google Fiber phone service is official now. Secret invitations leaked about the phone service happened in January, but yesterday, Google has announced the phone home service additional options for Google Fiber residential customers. Adding a phone service offer allowing Google Fiber to compete with”Triple Play”, linking Internet, TV, and phone service in one package. In addition to the standard bill of Google Fiber, “Fiber Phone” it costs $ 10 per month for unlimited local and national calls.

For international calls, the service uses international rates of Google Voice.The team received from Google will not be a phone, but a phone box VOIP bridging over the new fiber optic connection with the fixed telephone line.

The service is clearly a branch of Google Voice / Project Fi and has most of its characteristics: they give you a phone number “based on the cloud” that can divert any phone with filters spam, call filters, and not-disturb. It has a voice mail system with voice to text transcription, which may require an application or website of some sort to work. It also has call waiting, caller ID, and, crucially, access to 911.

fiber phone features

With phone service on offer, Google Fiber now has to comply with FCC regulations for the 911, along with several state tax laws. The announcement says that fiber phone is being released “in a few areas to start”, but eventually will be available to all cities with Google Fiber.Google encourages anyone who is interested to ” sign up here” for updates about the service.

Click here for an interactive map of the cities where the service already exists and is expected to have it. For more about Fiber Phone? Visit to the service’s website

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