Google has created YouTube Go, an application to download videos from the platform to watch them later without using your data or network connection. A project that will begin to be tested in India and designed for those areas where Internet access is limited.

youtube-go-teaser-002When download videos, YouTube Go will enable users to select the quality and size of the file to see the data that will consume the discharge. While the app also allows you to share downloaded videos to other nearby local users without having to be connected or consume data.

“YouTube Go is a new application to help the next generation of users to share and enjoy videos. It has been designed thinking of India and with the aim to bring video to mobile users in a more conscious way of your data and connectivity, “says Johanna Wright, head of product management for the company.


The new application has been announced in a Google event in New Delhi (India), where he also presented other technological products for the Indian market, according to The Verge. At the moment, India users can register to test the app. Once the trial period ends, Google officially launched YouTube Go both India and the rest of the world.

YouTube Go will start rolling out in the next few months and of course Google looking forward users feedback to improve the app the big launch next year. To sign up when YouTube Go is available to try it out, visot

(Source Google)

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