Google I/O 2014 : Android L, Android One, Android Wear, Android TV, Android Auto…


google I/O

As you know, Google I / O 2014 conference just ended. On the occasion of a special event held in San Francisco, the U.S. giant has unveiled several new, new that you could follow in video and live commentary on Phonandroid. So Android 5.0 L, Fit Google, Android TV, etc.. Google that got us this year?

Many were rumors hypothetical news announced at the conference Google. It mentioned in particular the presentation of Android L before release this fall, those Android TV, Auto Link, novelties in terms of automation, the Android OS for smartwatchs Wear and various smart watches and even new mobile devices. Rumors say they true? Overview of new products unveiled by Google Sundar Pichai and.


The announcement of a new version of Android was a real secret. Successor Android KitKat, some doubts as to the name of this version. Lemonhead? Lollipop? Well, the U.S. giant has surprised everyone and simply Android L. If it should not be available until this fall, Google unveiled several new about it.

Not only it will be entitled to a new system of notifications but its design has undergone a serious facelift. The program, very trendy flat design, shaded effects, new, more colorful new effects. The interface will be the same whatever your terminal. Google announced it will “focus on the user experience.”

Learn all about this new version of Android, please visit our section dedicated to Android L.

Android One

Android One is a project dedicated to emerging markets. “High quality at low cost,” here is the watchword of this project which provides smartphones with stock Android. Operators can add their own applications. Applications Google Play and updates are automatic, like the Nexus. One Android will arrive in India this fall prior to the day in the world. The objective is to bring smartphones and Google services to the greatest number.

In other words, a turnkey solution for manufacturers of smartphones, smartphones that will receive relevant technical specifications for the emerging markets, Dual Sim, FM tuner SD card or to an aggressive price.

Android Wear


The presentation of Android Wear is also anything but a surprise. This will allow a real link between smartphones and smartwatchs. Different modes depending on available systems and gestures allowing you to have access to different information or perform certain actions. Several smartwatchs running Android Wear some available tonight, have even been mentioned. If you want to know about Android and its smartwatchs Wear, please visit our section dedicated to Android Wear.

Android TV

Google has lifted the view on Android TV at this Google I / O. Android TV has a simple interface which will take the form of cards and put first on VOD services and games. You will receive recommendations allowing rapid access to certain programs you. You can also search for a program or series using Google Now but information relating thereto (casting, interviews etc..) Will also be available. Android TV will be controllable from the smartwatchs.

Android-TV-mainThe Android device as your controller for the TV version of a game you can play networked games for Android Android TV. It will also be possible to cast (broadcast) content through various Android TV, like what Chromecast offers. Sony, Sharp and Philips monitors offer with Android TV next year.

Chromecast was also entitled to various innovations. You can cast the content to a TV through Chromecast without having to share the same WiFi network, connecting to Chromecast via the cloud. You can select different pictures as well as theme categories that serve as wallpaper on your TV when it is in standby.

When a photo you want you want, you can simply ask Chromecast what is broadcast on TV to get information about it. Chromecast will distribute any Content, including when you take a picture from your Android smartphone to your TV and directly from its application.

The Mountain View company hopes to forget the failure of Google TV. Google has used the conference to introduce Android TV, not a box but an integrated solution to a native screen, always in an effort to push Android towards the television.

Android Auto

Google and auto manufacturers have signed an agreement in January, called the Open Automobile Alliance, to integrate Android connected to these cars. While Apple has already unveiled its CarPlay, Google responds with Android Auto.


Like Android Wear, Google wants to connect vehicles to smartphones. Android has been redesigned for automobiles. Android Auto works with voice control, allowing you to keep both hands on the wheel. Android Auto is built around several features: GPS, music and communication.

The panel / touch screen interface used vehicle. Google Maps is obviously the game and will also be controllable by voice. Just ask to go to a destination and start guidance, without typing anything.

Android Auto reads aloud incoming SMS messages, to be able to continue to see the entire screen. When the driver is ready, it uses Google Now to answer it he repeated his message for confirmation before sending.

Again, Auto Android is open to developers to integrate this technology into their applications. Android Auto will be available to the general public at the same time L. Android Google announces 40 new partners for Open Automobile Alliance, adding that the first vehicle equipped with Android Auto will be launched before the end of the year.

Android for Chromebook

Google announced that Android fits applications dedicated to smartphones for Chromebook. Evernote Flipboard Vine and can thus be used on a Chromebook. The goal is, once again, to standardize the different terminals.

Google Fit


When the connected objects are evoked, the trend is that they serve as a dedicated application tracker and health work hand in hand with them. Like Apple and its future implementation Health unveiled at the unveiling of iOS 8, Google got serious about the field of health. Google Fit, health will be at the center of Google service. Google has unveiled a first look at Google Fit that allow the user to centralize all data related to health and physical activity, collecting them via mobile devices and sports applications or dedicated to health.

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