Google I/O 2015: Everything we expect to see



We have available the agenda of the Google I/O 2015 Android the most important event of the year. 28 and May 29 will be held. At that time a series of conferences will be held, which this year are shorter, intended for developers where many new features will be presented.

We expect to see new details regarding Wear, TV and Auto, and the arrival of Android M, one that would be different from previous and might be less focused on the mobile ecosystem version.

Let’s take a look at what talks we have found most interesting news and what we believe to be presented. For now we only have a brief description of each of them but will attempt to find out what we can see the Google I/O 2015. There are lectures and presentations more interesting than we expected. The best event of the year always promises.

Android M Preview


At the opening Keynote expect to see all the artillery. Sundar Pichai start talking about numbers supposedly finished presenting M Preview version of Android. Last year we had in our hands a foretaste of the L Preview Lollipop, something similar would happen this year to continue the tradition.

In this M Preview not yet we would know the name of the future version of Android (unless they decide to directly introduce and Android 5.2). In the new version we hope to see many new features: permits, new notification system, mute and volume, backups, handsfree, new Smart Lock and more.

There are eager to see again Matias Duarte on stage, talking about the first year of Material Design. Also Dave Burke. We will be alert all the news of the new version of Android.

Web applications, the new battleground

The great theme of the Google I / O has to be pint web applications. Google is slowly convincing us that the world of Google Play and the world of web apps join. Material Design is the design that fits all platforms and in addition also helps my websites.

The event page itself is the best example of web-app, with its notification, flyout and settings.

All thanks to Polymer 1.0, a new tool to create web apps presented in the previous Google I/O and finally reach the stable release. Google teach us how to leverage Web Components and will show new APIs for mobile web to seek their own permissions (which pulls back but Google will give us the keys to the user to accept).

WebRTC allows audio communication, video and data through the web. With this tool we can have a service like Skype or Hangouts directly on a website. Equivalent but we Lovefield database.

When we enter a web app offline a mistake usually appears. Google wants to fix it. The new web apps will allow for basic actions such as writing and once they connect to the network and the information will be synchronized with the cloud. What we want to achieve is that with the rise of these web apps the difference between Chrome OS and Android is reduced. And the web is the land that the Mountain View best known.

Handsfree for any application

“Your application, now hands-free”. So it called one of the most promising conference. Mobile today and react to our voices and from “OK, Google” has already come a long way. OnePlus manufacturers like Motorola and Samsung have created their own solutions to wake the phone.

In this Google I/O, we could see an API so that any developer can allow the user to control certain functions by voice. Imagine a “OK, Google Music, for the song”, “OK, Hangouts, sends a message to Pepito”. We do not know exactly how it will work “Voice Access”, but it will be a new service that in principle allow us to control all our Android voice.

Google Earth with live reports

“Earth in real time.” As you know create excitement. Google bought a few months Skybox Imaging, a company of satellites ago. Years that Google Earth is not updated and it touches. If your appearance marked a before and after … imagine that we could receive information directly from the state of the works, traffic … certainly will be attentive to see what surprise us. We promise ultraconectado mobile and urban world.

Google Maps also receive news. See more details on the new Location and Places API, the tool that allows developers to leverage all the knowledge that has Google on local and sites. In the talk of “reaching Zen Maps on Android” will show us how to better integrate maps, all without impacting the battery of mobile.

Our smartphones are equipped with GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy, accelerometers, barometers … how leverage these sensors to create experiences? Google Android wants us to new uses and experiences that take into account the environment such as “Where I parked my car?” Or “how high I am”?

Google Cloud Messaging 3.0

Better known as GCM, it is the service that allows you to send notifications and data to any services linked to the Google cloud. In other words, it is the tool that allows you to synchronize notifications between your tablet and your Android or from PC and mobile. At the Google I / O 2015, Google Cloud Messaging version 3.0 is announced, whose new unknown but should further enhance data synchronization between devices.

The Chrome to Phone extension remained obsolete with the advent of Pushbullet. On another note, there are also dedicated conference to using Google Cloud Platform.

Accessibility and my family

In the multiple conference Google I/O dozens of topics will be discussed to help developers. One point that Google has put more emphasis in recent months has been engaged in my children. The advent of Youtube Kids is just the beginning. Google Play already has recommendations for all ages.

In the event hope Google news for application developers to create games for the whole family, not to mention the monetization.

There will also lose the chance to offer best practice guidelines on accessibility and education (with the recent Google Classroom).

Android Wear


There are rumors of a new device. If we bet it would be for the new Motorola Moto 360, although there is talk of ATAP protagonist.

Wear Android 5.1 just came out with WiFi support, a vital improvement that will help to better exploit its use. At the moment smartwatches are very limited and are simply a reflection of notifications smartphone. In this Google I / O we will show details on how to improve the apps for Android Wear, when to use credit cards, … new features for developers and support various forms, long press to dismiss, confirmations, selectors … a series of libraries also offer to facilitate creating apps.

And most interestingly, the new “always on screen.” A new utility that can convert SmartWatch to watch on a map app or a shopping list or a personal trainer … all without the clock display turns off. An extra that want to expand the use of wearables. We’ll see if after the Google I/O more than a skeptic is convinced to buy one.

We have given the news that Google will present new tools for testing A / B during the Google I / O. There are several conferences that seem to point in that direction.

Empower developers and try to generate more profits. Promoting applications is difficult and therefore in the Google I / O we have several talks focused on improving results and sales. For one successful campaigns in AdMob they are shown. Not only that, since new forms of advertising, new formats native ads and Google Analytics enhanced to build and better target the ads are presented.

We encourage all developers who are very attentive to the possible developments. From here we have spoken more than once of the problems are the creators of apps to make money. ¿Google that the benefits achieved lift the flight Android?

Android TV and android auto


You can not miss TV news about Android, one of the most fashionable platforms and gradually began to get used to. At the Google I / O we will learn to enhance the experience with the second screen, create channels to consume information, program guides, content recommendations, tailored to televisions and games design.

Google also wants to improve the search experience from television and how could it be otherwise be through the voice. Android TV applications should also be adapted to be controlled by voice instructions.

Nor we will miss android auto, the platform to have our operating system in cars. At the Google I / O will introduce new APIs that enable developers to move their apps to the car without worrying about hardware differences. But if there is a challenge with this platform is to build interfaces that reduce driver distractions as possible. We do not expect to see major changes in these two platforms but more aid developers know their full potential.

Google ChromeCast


We want a want a Chromecast Chromecast 2. 2. The best device created by Google in recent years deserves a second generation. A new device to add mirroring and improved interface.

Chromecast has become an unprecedented success due to its ease of use and low price. Following this idea the Google Cast SDK is released to allow any compatible device to send the TV sound or video. At the Google I / O more details and ideas will be discussed and design problems that may exist for Chromecast.

Cardboard Google, the assault of low-cost virtual reality

Virtual reality is one of the battlefields of this year. Cardboard are the Google search solution to provide virtual reality for all budgets. In this Google I / O will discuss their use and impact, creating ergonomic designs and challenges will be discussed so that the user is comfortable in the virtual world created around him.

Google ATAP, Nest, Project Tango And Project Ara


Google is much more than a search engine or a software company. At the Google I / O will also give you time to see the progress of Google X and hardware departments.

We will have the opportunity to see a new Google Spotlight ATAP, the Fast and Furious style with Regina Dugan to the head. Project Tango was presented a year ago. This time we will see how you can take advantage of Tango to create spatial experiences and based on location. A project for now very remote consumers but very promising.


Astro Teller tell us the latest news from Project Loon, Makani and driverless car. will explain how the innovative organizations can help to solve challenges such important issues as education or health.

Nor it will lack Nest, the company bought by Google that wants to lead our home automation. Works with Nest with developers allowed leverage the capabilities of these smart devices. We are facing a common tendency in Google, create a device instance (Nexus, Cardboard, Chromecast …) and then provide a platform for any manufacturer can be supported.

Finally great innovations of Project Ara expected. They are in advanced stages and promise to leave us speechless wearables. Will we see any modular SmartWatch?

Google I/O 2015, preparing for the the Android platform  challenges

There is much more. Conferences optimize battery on Google Search, APIs, Google Fit, Material Design … the Google I / O 2015 will for long and from the Android Libre will be attentive to all the news.

Android is the most important product of Google. Most conference revolves around your operating system, one that has matured to try to compete for the new platforms: TV, wearables and cars. This year’s work will be to further strengthen positions.

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