Google is developing a 7-inch tablet with a 3D-scanner



Google is preparing to release an experimental batch of 4000 tablets that feature 3D- shooting , according to The Wall Street Journal , citing its own sources . The devices will be equipped with sensors that track user’s movement , and everything that happens in the environment.

It will have a 7- inch screen for shooting three-dimensional images , equipped with two main cameras , infrared sensor to determine the distance between objects and software capable of generating three-dimensional images .

The plate was created within the Tango project, in which Google in February announced a smartphone with 3D- shooting features. Then it became known about Google plans to release a small batch of tablets with similar capabilities . In addition to creating stereo-photographs already familiar , such a device can create three-dimensional maps of the surrounding space ─ now does require expensive professional equipment .One way to use these cards can be improved navigation within the premises as well as the use of augmented reality apps .

Google has traditionally preferred to develop innovative device and offer it to developers , hoping that it will inspire them to create applications for users . Before the project Tango American company has already released a “smart” glasses Google Glass, have long been available only to developers . Supporters of the opposite policy mentioned Apple, which develops them in the strictest confidence , and immediately after the announcement launches massive sale .

On Monday, the managing director of analyst firm Global Equities Research Trip Chaudhry suggested that Google is secretly preparing a 3D- model  printer.

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