Google, the most powerful Internet company, will be called from now Alphabet. The decision of technological Mountain View is part of a reorganization of its corporate structure which will Alphabet Inc. umbrella of all business conglomerate. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of the dotcom, will be responsible for leading the company while Sundar Pichai will be the CEO of Google as a search engine and business networking.

Alphabet will become at the end of the year in the name under which the US corporation listed on the Nasdaq, retaining the symbol GOOG. The announcement came as a surprise to Wall Street, although the change of structure is logical in view of the diversification operations experienced in the last two decades. What started as a search engine is now a corporation that distributes audiovisual content, has its own payment system and develops mobile phones with the Life Sciences and Calico projects in the field of health.

G-is for google


The idea, perhaps, is losing sight of the ghost of Microsoft, a company that picked up two decades ago witnessed an IBM rightly abandoned the consumer world to focus on the workplace. And today, this American company continues to provide the largest collection of patents annually. But Google, as the owner of Windows, you risk losing control of innovation, other firms now leading the likes of Facebook, owner of the personal data of 1,550 million souls.

Alphabet is the name chosen for the restructuring. Alejandro Suarez, an expert on new technologies and author of “Stripping to Google” is an inconsequential consumer news, particularly to a priori brands of products and services used almost daily basis will continue and will not appreciate change no. “The sad thing is that Google, a company that his early life was news to bring innovative products, now communicates absurd things like this,” he laments.

The new structure was announced at the close of Wall Street. For the investor, the change does not represent much as current traded under the symbol of Google shares will be converted to equivalents of Alphabet. Each title is paid $ 663.14 at the end of Monday’s session. The company has a market capitalization approaching the 444,000 million dollars, which stands as the second of the S & P 500 between Apple and Microsoft larger.

In recent quarterly results, technological Mountain View recorded revenues of 17,700 million, 90% generated by the Internet business.(Source: Google, Alphabet)


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