Google is still reluctant to leave China


&#a hundred and sixty;The large Web search appears prepared to throw within the towel after some other fruitless trade with the Chinese language authorities. Consistent with the Facebook, Google would "99,9%" to leave China and had even made plans for his departure. This decision, if confirmed, would likely respond to cyber attacks orchestrated from the country last January. Representatives from Google did not fail to also enhance their refusal (most recently) the Internet censorship imposed by the Chinese authorities to all providers of online services that wish to settle in their market. 


"A particularly vicious attack, following a year of censorship and increasing pressure on our staff, prompted us to ask for an end to censorship of search results," said David Drummond, vice president of Google, when the award of net-citizens by Reporters without Borders, March 11 in Paris. A threat that could lead to a tough response from Beijing: "We support the expansion of (Google) in China ….. but if it violates Chinese law, it will be unfriendly and irresponsible, he must suffer the consequences, "retorted Li Yizhong, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, March 12.

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&#one hundred sixty;

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