For most people with smartphones, applications are very important. Google  launched J2ObjC tool that allows developers to write Java and export work quickly to iOS applications. But make no mistake, this tool is not used to run Android apps on iOS devices, if not that, at best, serve to create native applications for iOS from the work they had already taken to Google’s mobile platform.

J2ObjC tool also allow developers to convert Java source code in Objective-C for iOS code, which could be used to create the application for iOS. With this, the binary image and maintain applications, so that developers already have a lot of work done, which they had made for the Android. The theory is fine, but it remains to be seen whether developers are compatibility issues that make them have to be aware of an application that did not expect to maintain, not to mention the problem of fragmentation that many developers complained about Android . The question is: Is this a desperate attack against Swift programming language?

Microsoft also had plans to launch a similar J2ObjC Google tool, but ended up postponing (and perhaps leave) the project for problems encountered in its development. Microsoft Project was to carry iOS apps to Windows Phone. In any case, if Apple sees this as a threat of some kind, it will take action.

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