Nearly 2.5 years after the preliminary announcement, Google has nowadays formally introduced the launch of Google Fiber. Giga Internet applies to all residents of Kansas City and then possibly to arrive soon in the 1.000 Mbit / s upstream and downstream.

Google was planning for a long time very long to establish its own network (GoogleNet) and laid it among other submarine cable companies around the world. The first full-fledged network starts now – they had prevailed in a competition against more than 1,100 competing cities.

Google has built up over the last year for Google's infrastructure fiber and is now before the start: In the next 45 days, Kansas City residents can apply to access to this network. As the infrastructure within the buildings are, however, is still to be, and this requires a corresponding expenditure checked.

In addition, the neighbors are also enthusiastic about Google fiber because Google sets up only when enough people interested in a house, or at least in the immediate vicinity (Google calls this "Fiber Hood") live. Google promises a means to "late 2013". Facilities such as schools, hospitals and universities have also without the possibility of applying to participate in Google fiber.



Besides fast Internet 1000Mbps up and down, Google also provides the ability to use different TV services to decline. For all this to support Google also brings some new hardware products:

– TV Box – Type of Google TV giving access to live TV, on demand and internet content
– Network Box – a router with high speed WiFi, 4 1Gbps Ethernet ports and a gigabit firewall
– Storage Box – a local Google Drive with 2 Terabytes Storage

The Storage Box is complemented with 2 Terabytes of Google Drive storage (the cloud), thus allowing you to ease your own content in the cloud to store and view anywhere.

Google offers 3 different fiber-rates: Internet + TV for $120 a month, fiber Internet only for $70 a month, or "free internet" for a one-time setup fee of $300 – then it is permanently charged. For each contract, there is a free Nexus 7 and 1 terabyte of storage space at Google Drive for free.


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