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google i/o

Within a few days it is celebrated Developers Conference that Google, like Apple, held every year and where announces the news that arrive in the final version of Android N, along with future projects you are currently working. These conferences begin next May 18 and end on day 20. A few days ago the company launched an application to follow all the lectures from Android devices. For those iPhone users who started making jokes about the application and its lack of availability in the App Store, Google has launched the Google I/O 2016 app for iOS for all users who are interested can follow from your iPhone .

The first thing that strikes us about this application is that it is only available in English something that we should surprise considering the limited group of users to which it is intended this application, developers whose primary language when programming is English. With this application we can make full track on everything that happens at conferences:

  • Explore the conference agenda, with details on themes, tracks and speakers
  • Add events to a personalized schedule
  • Get reminders before events in your schedule start
  • Watch the keynote and sessions live stream
  • Sync your schedule between all of your devices and the I/O website
  • Guide yourself using the conference map.

The application is aimed at all users who have confirmed their attendance at conferences, and the can’t-miss for the facilities and attend all events. This application offers virtually the same options as the WWDC, Apple application that allows us to complete follow-up of the days of Apple.

(via iMore)

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