Google has launched a tool that allows companies to identify the location of employees on the map display, which is made clear who is working on location. This should promote mutual communication. The tool is called Google Maps Coordinate , not only are employees on the map but it is also possible to demonstrate tasks.

For example, are made ​​clear whether an employee at the customer site has arrived, and one with his smartphone can indicate when the task is completed. Also, employees from within the app on their phone upload data relevant to the employer. 

Employers can besides displaying tasks also create teams of employees and assign different tasks. Everything is taking with the app on the map. According to Google, the tool is especially useful for companies that many employees work outside the office while on the road to send several to transact business. The system is based on an API that works with data from Google Earth and Maps services.

Interested companies can use the sales department of Google contact if they were interested in using the app, which shows that the feature is not free. How much it costs, is unclear.


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