Google is hard at this lot with Material Design: publishing guides to good design and updated, updating their own applications to set an example … in Mountain View want to give much importance to this design now. And we have been watching How many Google applications were updated for this purpose , have the new design and prepare for Lollipop Android 5.0.

Google Maps 9.0 Material and flavored Android 5.0 lollipop …

Google Maps comes in Material Design. Google has just announced the new Maps application for Android that, although it is available for download, coming soon to the delight of many users who use this program daily. The news are mainly aesthetic as a functional level, there are enormous upheavals.

Of course, everything is now in UI and caters to Android Lollipop but of course also available on earlier releases. Colors more intense, new animations and a number of interface changes can make maps even more attractive and easy to use.

As you can imagine, now the basis of the application are the maps, and each press will open the content so that it is above , as described in the design guidelines dedicated to Android developers. More to explore additional information to the places in which we are interested, pictures, reviews from people who have already been to those places … everything that we had, but better organized and designed.

… and bonus points for booking tables and Uber cars

UberIn addition, Google has not only focused on that design, because we also have integration with other services: We may use OpenTable to book restaurant tables using the service (US only), and see how long it takes a car Uber to pick us up, making the route and price, if we are in a city with Uber and application installed on your device. This integrated flow seamlessly Maps , as if they were just another part of the application.

Download: Google Maps for iOS / Android)

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