Months have passed by and we are gradually seeing how developers are adapting their applications to the Apple Watch. The success of this product depends largely on how they are able to adapt apps to such a small screen and the number of them that can be used in this device is that we still recent.

By now, most of the major mainstream applications have their Apple adapted version to watch, but there are still some that we miss. In that group it was until recently Google Maps, which remains the implementation of more comprehensive and reliable maps that can be found today in the App Store.

Google-Maps-update-compare-ETAsThe competing company has released an update to its iOS app also it includes support for Apple Watch, so now set our routes and monitor our every move will be much easier from the wrist. While it is true that Apple Maps already offers similar aspects, in some areas the app for Google is still higher.

Gradually Apple Watch will be increasingly useful. As the developers are going by the new product and Apple working on software upgrades, the impression that Apple Watch was limited to performing a handful of functions is left behind. Looking ahead, the fact is that we have no idea when it will be released the second version of this SmartWatch, but it is increasingly clear that we can expect great things in the next Apple Watch.

Download Google Maps for iPhone & Apple Watch on the App Store

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