Google Maps Options in iOS 6 Maps


mapsThe iPhone, iPad and iPod touch direct from iOS 6 will no longer use Google Maps, but Apple’s own Maps app. These functions not only as a world map, but also as a route planner for car and as a 3D viewer for several large cities. With the switch to Apple’s own service should only be a few missing features of Google Maps, such as Google Street View and the scheduler in public transport.In this article we will discuss different apps that the lack of Google Maps must compensate.

Google Street View

It was until iOS 6 is possible to look around at different locations using Google Street View in the Maps app. Here you could navigate through panoramas at different places in the world were made. This made it possible to see how, for example a building at a specific location like. Apple has no similar function in their card service, making your Google Streetview from iOS 6 should miss.


There are some iPhone apps that you still can look around using StreetView. The iPhone application Street Viewer is specifically focused on the use of Street View and let the pictures below the map as you navigate from there. You can then enhance the image. According to the developer is working on a version specialized for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 in early October in the App Store is. There is both a free and a paid version of Street Viewer. In the free version you see advertising as you enter a search term. (Via 9to5Mac )

Download: Street Viewer ($0.99) 
Download: Street Viewer Lite (free, with advertising)

Public transport


You can use Apple’s map service still plan a route, but this only have the choice of a car or walking. Try a journey by public transport to plan, then you only get an overview of travel applications in the App Store to see.

There are already several apps that lets you travel in public transport plans. The popular Dutch 9292 recently released a completely new app  from which you can travel by bus, train, tram, subway or ferry to plan. Will you just take the train, you can use the iPhone app NS planner Xtra also install specialized information.

Living or travel you in Belgium, you can use the iPhone app The line you use to route the public transport to be drawn. The last year amounted RailTime looks something fresher, but only provides information to passengers.

Location Services


Looking at Google Maps for example the term ‘Supermarket’, you got all supermarkets in your area. Apple’s Maps app can also, but for many sites, we use the database of Yelp. Because Yelp is not widespread in the Netherlands is used, it may prevent you from Apple’s map service locations is less than usual.

You can use different apps to find locations in Google’s database.The iPhone app Google+ Local allows you for example to look for interesting locations in your area. Looking still prefer the familiar way to a certain place, you can also use the Google Maps web application. More about the webapp you can read below.

Download: Google+ Local (free)

Google Maps web application

If you absolutely want to use Google’s maps again, you can do it via the mobile site web page presentations all of Google’s relied on mapping data. The website online as an internet utility on the House display of your iPhone to show, that you may additionally use Google Maps with out leaving the browser bar in Safari appears. You do that via tapping on the percentage button on the backside of Safari and selecting “Add to House Display.” For the reason that net utility the usage of Google’s data, you could additionally use it to search out places that aren’t discovered on Apple’s Maps app

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