Google Maps for iOS 10 million times downloaded in first 48 hours



Google Maps app appears to be a hit. More than 10 million people have the official Google Maps app already downloaded in the first two days. Is that a lot? It depends on how you look: with more than 400,000,000 iOS-device in circulation but still 2.5%.  Google Maps-app stood or within a few hours at number 1 in the App Store and that state ‘pe still.

Jeff Huber, vice president Geo and Commerce at Google, made ​​10 million on his Google+ page (via 9to5Mac) he brought:

“We’re excited for the certain reception of Google Maps for iPhone world wide. Congratulations to the Maps Workforce on the popularity for the eagerness and difficult work they poured into it, for this unlock and during the last 7+ years.” “

Google’s new Maps app for iOS comprises Side road view and public transport data, two options which might be lacking in Apple Maps app. Google additionally brought route navigation to it.

Obtain: Google Maps 

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