The web large Google announced today at a press conference The the arrival of a 3D mode for its Google Maps service and a new mobile application compatible with the  iOS and Android, specifically. In which comes the new features of Google Maps and Earth. Part of the presentation included the announcement of 3D maps and the offline mode for Android devices.


A few days before the press conference that Apple would be abandoning the Google Maps service of Internet giant, it has invited the press on Wednesday to announce some important changes on its mapping service.Indeed, Google announced the arrival of a 3D display mode for its Google Maps service and that it is also available offline by ring-compatible mobile applications iOS and Android.The offline mode was previously part of labs in the coming weeks, the function will be transported.Offline maps allow users to travel abroad as before, already selected maps to load onto the device at home to avoid expensive data connections
for example. Of course, the current position is displayed on the maps offline.


In practice, the user will be able to download the map of a city view and especially in this new display mode while offline. Better yet, from the time the mobile device (smartphone or tablet) is equipped with a compass and / or GPS, the mapping service will be able to locate you, all without an Internet connection via Wi-Fi or 3G.Android and iOS users are also equally interesting "coming soon" next 3D maps from Google Earth. An update of the PC version will follow later. On a iPad demonstrated function will initially be available only in large cities.

Google said the images, incorporated in
its new 3D display mode, were captured by the cameras mounted on aircraft that have taken thousands of pictures. Subsequently, these photos were sorted and assembled to obtain such a result which at first glance, seems somewhat convincing.


Note that the arrival of this new display mode and the new mobile applications are not designed for right away to the world. Only South Africa and Egypt may have from today. The Internet giant said that other countries,  may dispose of in the course of this month.Interestingly, the timing is selected from the Google press conference hastily called. For th
e next Monday-starting the World Wide Developers Conference is expected that Apple also has a separate card solution will be presented, including 3-D technology.


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