Google Maps Update Brings Support To 3D Touch


Google Maps Update Brings Support To 3D Touch

Google Maps maps continues to improve day by day. Last October, the web service maps Google released a new feature that allowed us to add stops along the way in a route already mapped. This new tool, just get to the Google Maps application on the last update it has received the application.

This new feature allows us to add stops along the way, within a route we have previously established, without having to recreate again the path when we get out of it, either for gas, either to eat, or just because we have decided to visit a city that was not on the itinerary.


To establish the stops without stopping the route, we have to click on the magnifying glass that offers the application. Pressing are it, appear several options to add a stop along the way for coffee, eat, shop, get gas … It is not advisable to take the eyes off the road while we are driving, and for this, we can also add stops the route through voice commands. The application taremos add the estimated total stop in the route.

But this is not the only update that Google has added in this update to the application, but also offers 3D Touch feature to quickly get directions to get home and work holding the icon of the Google Maps application.

Apple must continue putting batteries in its mapping service, if you ever want to approach all the features not currently offer Google through its mapping service as a way both via web application.

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