Google Maps Version 4.2 app for iOS brings better weather and Restaurant filters



Once again, Google improved Google Maps app for iOS. The app gets some functions, among other things, they can now also display weather data and search for specific categories of restaurants.
The new version 4.2 of the Google Maps app offers the opportunity not only to search for restaurants in the area, but the search results by type of cuisine filtering. However, this does not seem to work at all location. That makes it possible for cities also show weather information directly in the app.



What’s new

– Filter searches for restaurants by cuisine type
– See current weather information for cities around the world
– Drop a pin for your starting and destination points in directions and navigation
– Add transit directions to your calendar
– Bug fixes

Moreover, it is now possible to select in the navigation directions and start and end points. Public transportation routes can now – similar to the web-app DB Navigator – export to the iOS calendar. Who is listed with his company on Google Maps, the entry page can now also use the app even manage.

Added to also get more options for sharing locations and corrections of errors. The app is also available free of charge, minimum prerequisite is the iOS 6 – so older devices are still supported.

Download Google Maps in the App Store.

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