Google + Might have more Users than Twitter and Linked Users in a Year


Seeing that its launch in late June 2011, Google + reached 25 million customers in lower than a month and may have extra consumer than Twitter and Linked?In mixed in a yr. This increase used to be sooner than Fb or MySpace of their infancy. If Google + remains to be a ways from 750 million energetic customers of Fb (comScore figures), the social platform of Google and Twitter Linkedin might exceed a yr in step with a Bloomberg survey / YouGov.

Google-plus-icon-360 Today, Google has attracted 13 +% of American adults and should reach 22% in one year. YouGov says "Google + follows the same path as Facebook in the beginning – creating enthusiasm among a group of early adopters."

The survey, conducted over 1003 American adults, also reveals data on other social networks. 71% of American adults use Facebook, this share should increase to 69% in one year. Among the people who use Facebook and Google +, 30% said they split their time between the two social networks.

31% of Google users + say they have abandoned the platform or they never posted anything on it. 

Twitter and LinkedIn continue to grow, too. Twitter users should increase by 3% to 20% of the U.S. population.Linkedin follows the same trend with 2% increase to 20%.

45% of respondents listed Google + say they read its contents daily. Facebook does better with 62%. Twitter is a 42% and 8% Linkedin.


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