Google Music Available in the US – Set your music free.


Google's on-line tune – however for now handiest within the U.S.. Google's digital track carrier combines the cloud carrier that’s already on-line considering that May just, with a obtain retailer and a gross sales portal for impartial artists and ungesignte. Additionally on sharing capabilities by the use of Google + used to be meant.Google in the past speculated publicly unveiled Google Track.

 It has now obtained some new options and is not in beta segment. Proper from the start however I’d say that virtually any trade is just for customers from america is related. The carrier continues to be restricted to america and presently there may be nonetheless no unlock date for Germany.


U.S. users can now not only their own music on Google Music upload, but also acquire music.This is a redesigned Android Market used. Music purchases from the Marketplace are automatically saved in Music and Google can now be streamed or downloaded. Stream is via a browser, Android and iOS also be possible. Google says that if the mobile version of Music for IOS or developed their own app, at the presentation was not clear.

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Another very interesting point: Google Music is and will remain free . Even outside of the beta-phase requires Google to stream any money and you get a remarkable memory limit of 20,000 songs . Thus, even large music collections can be uploaded into Google, without which you must pay something for it. Uploaded music from your computer, however, can not load from the servers down again. This is only possible with purchased or free from Google purchased songs.

The software (called Music Manager) to upload music and has been revised slightly. It also supports the downloading of songs. It is the music manager for Windows, Mac and Linux, so it is guaranteed that really anyone can use Google Music.


Very nice, is that purchased songs can be shared for free on Google + or via e-mail invitation with others. This means for example the purchase of an album to share in Google + and friends can once listen to the song for free, full-length.


Google has for music sales on the Internet already with the companies Universal, EMI, Sony Music and completed a number of smaller labels corresponding contracts. Other companies should follow in the coming months and expand the content. At the beginning there are already some Google Music exclusive songs for purchase or free download. Called the Rolling Stones, Coldplay, rapper Busta Rhymes were, Shakira, Pearl Jam and the Dave Mathews Band.


Musicians who compose their own songs, you can also use Google Music as a sales platform , this function is called Artist Hub. After an application and a fee of $ 25, the artist gets his own Artist Page. About this site can upload their songs and the musicians to offer their own price. What percentage is that Google keeps a sale for himself was not told.


One of the most interesting features of Google Music may be the distribution platform for independent artists and ungesignte: Unless these rights to their songs over sämtiche may have to sell it to her songs in the download of Google Music Store. The artists pay $ 25 for a Google-music-profile and keep 70 percent of sales revenue. You can set your own prices, or offer their album for free immediately.According to "Billboard" Google is working together with YouTube music so that artists can sell songs directly on their YouTube page.  

"Billboard" also collected some votes from the industry with the launch of Google Music: The commitment that you wear hinen from outside the music industry is positive, said about Charles Caldas, CEO of Merlin. Also, Jeff Price, CEO of TuneCore called Google Music "is a very good thing." According to Rob Wells, President Of Global Digital Business at Universal Music Group, it was at Universal "extremely satisfied" with the launch of Google Music. The service was a "fantastic way against piracy."


Google has with the new Google Music really made everything right – if one ignores the fact that the service is only available in the U.S.. So we can only hope that soon we can come in these Official enjoyment. The question is whether the beloved wiedermal GEMA us the music service from Google is first denied.


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