Google Music used as a web app with iOS


Google has made ​​a cell HTML5 web site.It merely calls the traditional Tune tackle ( and gets to see the mobile version (Android users but they get to see too).


Screenshots on an IOS system

For a mobile website, the service is surprisingly good and intuitive.Primarily through the design can almost forget that you are in the browser and has no app open.The play and browse the music works well, as in other features of the app here are understandably scarce.Thus users can finally use iOS relatively comfortable with Google Music on the move.

As Google Music is still in closed beta, you need to overcome a small hurdle to use the service.For initial registration, you need a U.S. IP address.This can, however, relatively easy to get through proxy sites such as is then invokes the link and logs in with his existing Google Account. 


Screenshots on an Android system

The mobile side is certainly a big step towards the future for Google Music.With it you can stream their music to even more possibilities, because there exist no longer needs a special app for the system.Even in the closed beta phase, it is already one of the best things that Google offers, and I can recommend everyone to register for Music.


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