It hardly ever occurs that Google tech journalists convenes to talk about the way forward for Google Maps to talk. The invitation for an event on June 6 is also remarkable: it is exactly a week before Apple will probably announce that they will no longer be using Google Maps. And the text 'The Next Dimension' in the invitation also gives an impression that there is talk about 3D technology will be – just the technology that Apple rumor also going to have.


We suspect that Apple's keynote at WWDC on June 11 own card solution will announce. It is unclear whether Google's announcement relates to the browser version of Google Maps, or that there is likely to be talked about mapping software for Android. It is striking that the announcement is apparently so important that it could not wait for Google's own
developer conference, Google I / O that takes place from June 27 to 29 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

The invite reads:

At this invitation-only press gathering, Brian McClendon, VP of Google Maps and Google Earth, will give you a behind-the-scenes look at Google Maps and share our vision.

We’ll also demo some of the newest technology and provide a sneak peek at upcoming features that will help people get where they want to go – both physically and virtually. We hope to see you there.


Google Maps was already present on the first iPhone, but gradually, both companies have increasingly come to stand opposite each other. If Apple is indeed moving away from Google Maps, it is interesting to see what happens YouTube and Google, two other features that are standard on the iPhone present. Bing and Yahoo are no obvious choices and a video from Vimeo app would also be far-fetched.

Google needs to hit hard with new ever more impressive and useful. Because with the service mode crowdsourcing OpenStreetMap, its rich mapping, his forte until now, could be quickly outdated. You can also count on Apple to unveil his own unique mapping service (probably in iOS 6), perhaps as early as 11 June at WWDC (annual conference for developers). For its part, Google could build on the WebGL (3D display specification for web browsers) to enrich the user experience of Google Maps. Moreover, the expression "  the new dimension of Goog
le Maps
  'course leaves thinking there will be more 3D. One can also imagine that Street View will be entitled to its share of novelties.


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